For those who accidentally stumbled across this page, my name is, was and will be Lily Evans.
Some of you might have heard of me, or at least of my son Harry.
Long, after my encounter with Tom Riddle, where he destroyed my home, my daughter-in-law found my diaries.
Ginny and Hermione are working on them to make them more readable.

Manuscripts were send to J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury.
On her website, she wrote that if some send her a letter, or electronic message, one should not expect her to be able to read it. because the sheer number on inbound mail.
She explicitly mentions NOT to send manuscripts. Much to my disappointment....

However, after some months I received an official permission to publish

There are a number of conditions attached, that I will list and comment:
  1. It must be NON-COMMERCIAL
  2. I may not ask for money through advertising, commercial sponsorship, charging fees or otherwise
  3. I must include the disclaimer:
    Warner Bros. Entertainment and J.K. Rowling are not associated with this content
  4. It must be in compliance with local law
  5. It must not be considered offensive
  6. It must not be used to support political campaign or parties
I am more than willing to comply at all of these points
  1. All PDF's will be offered by me for FREE. I'll carry all editing/publishing costs myself.
    I have my own job and career, I don't seek another one.
  2. PDF's will be placed on my own site (my costs), I will try to get them made available for free by pottermore. No commerical sites or sponsored sites
  3. All diaries have the requested string in the beginning, and also as a top line on the backpage.
  4. All citizens should abide the law, As working for The Ministry, I have an examplary role.
  5. I sincerely hope that the Goblins working at Gringots do not feel offended
  6. I keep myself far from people who use hollow phrases. My material may not be used for political purposes

You can check on the results of their efforts here, just click on one of the images